Installation Configurations

PolarStorm system consists of five main components, which can be installed on your truck in many different configurations and locations.
The Compressor/condenser unit is now only 12 inches tall, and can be mounted several different places. We also offer a split compressor/condenser version where the compressor unit can be mounted in between the frame rails and the condenser unit can be mounted on the back of the sleeper cab.

compressor/condenser unit mounted on back of sleeper

compressor/condenser mounted alongside/between rails

Split condenser unit on cab is only 7″ deep!

The battery and PMU can be mounted under the bunk.

Air Handler mounting options

Air Handler with standard bracket

Shown is our standard cab wall adjustable mounting bracket. Several more brackets and mounting options are available. For a truly custom look, the air handler can be installed inside bulkheads .

Hydraulic pump integrated unit

For car carriers, there is a PolarStorm with an integrated 2500 psi hydraulic pump built in.

This full size car carrier has PolarStorm with the hydraulic pump option. Cars can be loaded and ramps adjusted hydraulically with the engine off.

> more info on PolarStorm Hydraulic

Solar Panel for extended downtime

PolarStorm solar panel optionDuring your 34 hour mandated break, you can keep PolarStorm charged up with our rooftop solar panel. The solar panels will charge the battery at the rate of 10 Amps per hour six hours per day during prime sunlight. Polar Storm only requires max 8 amps per hour to run. You’ll never need to plug into shore power, in fact we don’t even offer a shore power plug.