You can finance your new PolarStorm through a lender of your choiceРand still save hundreds of dollars per month vs. idling to cool your sleeper cab.

Here are some lending companies who will make loans for this product if you do not have a lender:

> Direct CapitalDirectCapital

  • …more lenders coming soon

PolarStorm is not affiliated with any lenders.

Comparison of monthly fuel cost vs. estimated loan payments for PolarStorm:

Idling 20 nights/mo.


Per Month
  • Fuel $600 +
  • no loan
  • no savings

Cost of idling is based on fuel cost of $3.00/gallon, using 1 gallon per hour for 10 hours, 20 nights per month.

*Loan costs shown are approximate and are only for purposes of this comparison. Remember, PolarStorm has a 10 year lifetime, so you will be saving the full cost of idling after the loan is paid. Contact a lender for real-time numbers.