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A 100% battery powered Vehicle AC System. All components are custom made to PolarStorm specifications and are considered proprietary.

Compressor Module: – only 12″ high, 25″ wide x 15″ deep, 80 pounds
Motor: 6hp, 48v, 3 phase AC – maximum 3,000 RPM, 18 foot pounds torque.
Compressor: 36,000 BTU capacity, flat rated to 21,000 BTU Refrigerant: R134A – Approximately 2.7 pounds @ 25 psi over 135 psi
Cooling Fan: 1,300 CFM @ 1,330 RPM.
Condenser: Maximum pressure 400 PSI.
Dryer: Rated to 400 psi.
Armature: (supporting motor, fan and compressor) vibration dampened.
Enclosure: Rust and corrosion-free Aluminum wrap around screen to provide a rigid modulus to protect the compressor from road debris, automated truck washes, etc. The enclosure is also mounted to a truck frame bracket with vibration dampers.DPF frequent maintenance/replacement

Air handler/Blower motor: Produces 250 CFM of airflow. Brushless DC motors.
Refrigerant Pressure Switch: Shuts off motor (system) if pressure exceeds 275 psi, or drops below 10 psi.
Hoses and fittings:
• All hoses meet or exceed EPA 609 standards and SAE J2196 standards.
• PolarStorm exceeds government standards by using ONLY steel fittings.
Proprietary microprocessor controlled logic to maintain thermostatic set point.

48v Battery Module: Proprietary battery system. LiFePo4, Lithium Iron Phosphate 4 battery, is the same as in Tesla Automobiles.
Power Management Module (proprietary): Monitors battery status, charging and controls system components.
Average service before requiring battery recharge: 12 hrs. Battery charging is via vehicle alternator or optional solar panel for extended periods of recharging with the engine off. PolarStorm never deep cycles its battery. Average life span of LiFePo4 battery is 2,000 cycles, typically 8 years of tractor operation.
PolarStorm does not impose any electrical load on truck batteries.
PolarStorm produces no emissions.

TOTAL SYSTEM WEIGHT: Less than 300 pounds