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PolarStorm Hydraulic

PolarStorm with the hydraulic option accomplishes two things simultaneously; It cools the cabin and provides a hydraulic system to manipulate all your decks for loading and unloading. Simply park the truck, shut down the motor, load/unload vehicles, secure the new load, hop back into your cool cab and drive off.

Powerful Pump

The hydraulic pump produces 6 gallons per minute at up to 2,500 PSI. Polar Storm Hydraulic pressure can be increased to 2,800 PSI, but typically, Head Rack manufacturers require 2,200 PSI or less.

Lightweight, compact

PolarStorm Hydraulic weighs less than 350 pounds battery included. PolarStorm operates on stored energy in its own Lithium, Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) battery, weighing only 135 pounds. The LiFePo4 battery is only 8” high, 15” wide and 24” long.

Nothing to worry about

The battery will automatically be recharged by the alternator on your engine. Polar Storm only requires one additional battery.

Current draw with our 48 volt AC motor is one third of the current draw of direct DC motors.

Your vehicle only requires its house battery bank and a Polar Storm LiFePo4 battery.

There is no need for a third 24 volt bank to drive an ancillary Direct DC motor.

No 24 volt alternator with the attendant costs is required. Any 12 volt 165 amp hour alternator or greater is just fine with PolarStorm.

You will never have to worry about Polar Storm wearing down your house battery bank as with other electric systems. Polar Storm NEVER draws current from the house bank.

Enjoy the safety and comfort level only PolarStorm provides. If for some reason your truck engine fails, you will still be able to move your decks while your engine not running. PolarStorm will allow you to; move the front deck so the hood can be opened, and move your decks to their parked position so that you can be towed.